Shiny Hunting is back in Pokemon Legends Arceus, and it’s never been better. Especially now, with the new Daybreak update, hunting for the elusive Shiny Pokemon has become a far less tedious affair.

What are Shiny Pokemon?

legends arceus shiny guide

For the uninitiated, Shiny Pokemon are rare variants of each species. What makes them different is their color, which differs from their regular counterparts. In past games, Shinies were called rare, particularly in the Japanese versions of the various Pokemon games. Today, Shiny Hunting is one of several metagames Pokemon community members engage with when a new title comes out.

How Does Shiny Hunting Work in Legends Arceus?

legends arceus shiny guide

Traditionally, hunting for Shiny Pokemon has always been “the luck of the draw,” meaning you had to get extremely lucky to encounter one in the wild. There were theories, and supposed methods people could follow to get Shinies to appear, but it’s debatable if any of these were ever confirmed.

In a rare moment of wisdom, Game Freak appears to have realized how crucial Shiny Hunting is to the community, so they’ve made it a lot more predictable. The lucky component is still there, but now you’re able to tell when your chances of finding a Shiny are higher.

According to, the base rate for a Shiny Pokemon to appear in Legends Arceus is 1/4096. This rate is based on you having no modifiers, which we will get to in a bit. For instance, if you were hunting for a Pikachu shiny and had none of these modifiers, you would have a 1 in 4096 chance of encountering one.

How to Improve My Shiny Rate in Legends Arceus?

legends arceus shiny guide

As we mentioned earlier, there are ways to modify the rate at which a Pokemon’s Shiny variant will appear. The more of these modifiers are in place, the better your Shiny rate will improve.

Pokedex Research Level 10

By simply reaching level 10 research with a particular Pokemon, you can dramatically improve your Shiny rate for it at 1/2048. It’s a significant jump, though you could still spend a fair bit of time before you encounter a Shiny variant of that Pokemon. Keep in mind that it only affects the Shiny rate of the Pokemon with which you have reached research level 10.

Pokedex Research Perfect

Completing all of the research tasks for a given Pokemon nets you a perfect research entry for it. This will also improve your rate to 1/1024. It can take a fair bit of time to reach a perfect Pokedex entry with each Pokemon, but fortunately, you don’t have to make it a strict prerequisite for yourself as there are other modifiers.

legends arceus shiny guide

Shiny Charm

The Shiny Charm has been a staple key item since Black 2 and White 2. It’s a charm that dramatically improves your Shiny rate. It’s not an item you’ll obtain quickly, but it’ll significantly increase your chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon once you do.

For research level 10 Pokemon, your rate will increase to roughly 1/819, and for perfect entries, you’ll be looking at a Shiny rate of 1/585.

Mass Outbreaks and Massive Mass Outbreaks

Outbreaks are events that happen in Legends Arceus and involve specific Pokemon popping up en masse in a particular zone. Mass Outbreaks involve Pokemon of a specific species, while Massive Mass Outbreaks are clusters of various Mass Outbreaks. These outbreaks significantly improve your chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon, especially when you have the other modifiers in place.

Mass Outbreaks alone have a 1/158 chance of spawning Shinies. That’s a significant jump without any other modifiers in place. When you have a perfect Pokedex entry and the Shiny Charm, the Shiny rate improves to 1/128, which is the best you can possibly get.

Massive Mass Outbreaks have a baseline Shiny rate of 1/315 and go all the way up to 1/216 with all other modifiers in place, making Mass Outbreaks the more reliable source. Or are they…?

Mass Outbreaks vs. Massive Mass Outbreaks: Which are More Reliable for Shiny Hunting?

legends arceus shiny guide

Although Mass Outbreaks have the best Shiny rates in the game, they have a significant downside. Because each Mass Outbreak only involves a particular species, this adds another layer of luck to your hunt. Nintendo has also patched out an exploit people were using to change Mass Outbreaks to spawn the Pokemon they want.
Fortunately, Massive Mass Outbreaks were introduced with the recent Daybreak patch. This new event type may have lower Shiny rates, but it has proven more reliable. Because it spawns multiple Mass Outbreaks of various species, your chances of encountering one for the Pokemon you want significantly improve. You can also use save strategies to make your Shiny hunts more manageable.