The five Noble Pokemon of Legends Arceus are some of the most challenging fights you’ll face in the game. Though they’re fought with Pokemon companions, these fights are slightly different from regular battles.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy reference to clearing these encounters, read on.

How Do Noble Pokemon Fights Work?

Fighting Noble Pokemon in Legends Arceus works differently from other battles in the game. There are two interchanging stages to each of these fights. In the first phase, you need to avoid getting hit by the Noble Pokemon and, at the same time, toss Balms at them.

These are items meant to calm down a Noble’s frenzy. Once they’ve taken enough Balms, they become temporarily weakened, allowing you to throw out your own Pokemon to battle it. This is phase two of a Noble boss fight. They become stunned and are open to extra Balm attacks to lower their meter further. Then the fight reverts back to phase one, and you repeat the process.

It’s essential, therefore, to have Pokemon in your team that can deal effective damage to each boss. Below, I’ve outlined all of the Noble Pokemon bosses’ types and weaknesses.

how to beat noble pokemon kleavor

How to Beat Noble Pokemon Kleavor

Pokemon Type: Rock, Bug

Most effective Pokemon: Rock, Steel, Water

Kleavor is the first Noble Pokemon you’ll encounter. He’ll also serve as your introduction to Balms and their function. His attacks consist of swirling swipes and causing stone spikes to jut up from underneath you. Focus on dodging his attacks and tossing Balms consistently.

how to beat noble pokemon liligant

How to Beat Noble Pokemon Liligant

Pokemon Type: Grass, Fighting

Most effective Pokemon: Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Psychic

Liligant is the second Noble Pokemon you’ll encounter. Her arena is smaller than Kleavor’s, which poses a challenge for you to avoid her fast movement patterns. Essentially, you need to watch for her jump attack and dodge out of the area she lands. Like with Kleavor, constantly toss Balms every chance you get until she’s weakened.

how to beat noble pokemon arcanine

How to Beat Noble Pokemon Arcanine

Pokemon Type: Fire, Rock

Most effective Pokemon: Water, Fighting, Ground, Rock

Arcanine is the third Noble Pokemon you’ll encounter. He has a charge attack that’s quite fast, which can be problematic in the complex boss arena he occupies. Your best bet is to keep a very long distance and wait for him to telegraph his charge. Naturally, keep tossing Balms when possible until he’s weakened.

how to beat noble pokemon electrode

How to Beat Noble Pokemon Electrode

Pokemon Type: Grass, Electric

Most effective Pokemon: Water, Fighting, Ground, Rock

Electrode is the fourth Noble Pokemon you’ll encounter. This boss fight is quite challenging as Electrode’s attacks chase you near constantly. On top of that, he does tend to self-destruct as well, which you must avoid. Exploding will stun him, so you get a chance to Balm him, so take advantage of those moments.

how to beat noble pokemon avalugg

How to Beat Noble Pokemon Avalugg

Pokemon Type: Ice, Rock

Most effective Pokemon: Fighting, Steel, Rock, Ground, Water, Grass

Avalugg is the fifth Noble Pokemon you’ll encounter. It’s the toughest of the bunch, so you’ll have to put all the skills you’ve learned to good use. There are three key moves to be prepared to avoid. The first is a series of iceballs that can easily be dodged. The second is icicle javelins that will fly out in an arc and land on the ground, remaining there for a while. Just pay attention to where they land and get out of the way. His final and most devastating move is ice meteors which move at a high velocity. You’re going to be quick on your feet if you want to avoid this attack. After unleashing this onslaught, you’ll have a brief window to send out your Pokemon.