The Others of Scarlet Nexus are a group of creatures that come in a variety of disturbing forms. Each of them possesses their own fighting style, with some being more straightforward to fight than others. As Scarlet Nexus is an RPG at heart, the majority of the Others have specific weaknesses you can exploit.

These vulnerabilities can lead to stunning them, opening them up for attack, depleting their crush gauge, and killing them faster. In our guide to enemy weaknesses, we’ve grouped enemies into families based on their names.

scarlet nexus enemy weaknesses


The Chinery family of Others are mini-bosses that are half animal, half plant. They’re equipped with a sort of sprinkler that causes an area of effect attack. The fastest way to get their crush gauge down to zero is by striking their hind legs with Psychokinetic attacks.


Though not necessarily living up to their name, the Paws family of Others comes in three different forms. To fight each of them, you’ll need to employ different strategies.

Vase Paws

Fighting this type is pretty straightforward. Get behind them and attack from the rear. Their tailspin attack is easy to see so use your Perfect Dodge and counters.

Saws Paws

The main characteristic of this type of Paws is their invisibility. When you see their outlines in the field, use Clairvoyance to reveal them. Like their Vase brethren, they’re vulnerable from the rear.

Base Paws

The trickiest of the Paws family, Base Paws require getting around their defenses in order to get close and strike them. Use Hypervelocity or Teleportation to maneuver and get behind them.

scarlet nexus enemy weaknesses


These pesky flying Scarlet Nexus enemies can be extremely annoying when left unchecked. Not only do some of them buzz about fast, but also they fire projectiles. When you encounter Pendu in the field, make them a priority and attack them aggressively. Be mindful of projectiles to dodge and send them back. Hypervelocity will help you pin down the faster Pendu types.


This specific enemy only appears during a boss fight in Kasane’s playthrough. The fastest way to take them down is through Psychokinetic abilities. Use Hypervelocity to maneuver around their projectiles.

scarlet nexus enemy weaknesses


The Pool family of Others is the perfect enemy to use elemental attacks on. Using Electrokinesis on Bile Pool will melt their life and crush bars as well as stun them. Pyrokinesis will work similarly on the other Pool types.


There are three kinds of these floating Others, each with a unique way of dealing with them.

Session Pound

You can trigger their self-destruct with Psychokinesis attacks. Once they blow up, they’re done. However, the explosion is quite big so be sure to have Sclerokinesis to reduce the damage you receive.

Cushion Pound

The easiest way to break their hardened shell and deplete their crush gauge is by using L2 Psychokinesis attacks.

Missin Pound

When these deploy their mist, you’ll want to use Clairvoyance to reveal them. All of your attacks from there on will cut through their crush gauge like butter.

scarlet nexus enemy weaknesses


The Rummy family of Others are like the grunt soldiers of Scarlet Nexus. They’re easy to deal with once other annoying enemies are down. Use Psychokinesis to deplete their crush gauge and kill them without much trouble.


Both types of Ruts have exterior armor that needs to be destroyed in order to damage their health and crush bars. The best way to open them up is through regular and L2 Psychokinesis attacks.


Sabbats can be extremely annoying because of their charge attacks. It’s best to wait for them to come to you and use your Perfect Dodge to land counterattacks. When they’re at a distance, you can strike them with Psychokinesis attacks to destroy their outer shells. Pyrokinesis or Electrokinesis will do more damage to some of them as well.

scarlet nexus enemy weaknesses


These two specialized enemies require distinct approaches in order to down them.

Saliva Santa

This particular type tends to go into hiding when you approach it. Use Hypervelocity or Invisibility to get close and attack it. Any of your attacks will do quick work of its health bar.

Barrista Santa

It won’t serve you any coffee but this Other type can be quite annoying to deal with up-close. Use Psychokinesis from afar to break its shell and knock it down.

scarlet nexus enemy weaknesses


Yawns come in four different flavors and can be some of the most complex fights in Scarlet Nexus.

Vine Yawn

This one makes copies of itself and you’ll need to distinguish which is the real one before attacking. Use Clairvoyance to identify the real enemy and strike its weak points.

Brawn Yawn

This type of Yawn has weak points on each of its sides. Attacking them will deplete its health and crush gauges. Pyrokinesis is great when you’ve managed to stun it.

Grin Yawn

This Other type needs a bit of finesse to kill it. Its weak points are hiding inside its massive jaws so you’ll need Sclerokinesis to cut down on damage while you attack it.

Spawn Yawn

This Yawn’s weak point is at its rear but getting there can be hard. Use Hypervelocity or Invincibility to get behind them and strike. Electrokinesis and Pyrokinesis will both help squeeze out some extra damage.