One of the best things about Bravely Default 2 is its job system. The ability to mix and match jobs and their skills is a game in itself – one that I never grow tired of. Experimenting and trialing job combos can lead to some pretty rewarding moments, especially when the combo turns out to be broken. Some of Bravely Default 2’s job combinations can be absolutely insane, either through chaining multiple spells or landing highly damaging singular hits, or even negating whole chunks of pain.

Want to try some strong job combos out? Give the following list a go.

Monk and Berserker (or any other Str job)

Monk is one of BD2’s most powerful melee jobs. Its abilities give it some very beefy hits on their own. When you pair it with a high-strength job like the Berserker, you get one of the best melee attackers in the game. It’s important that you take advantage of Bare-Knuckle Brawler by not equipping weapons on either hand. This will give you a whopping 80% boost to physical attacks and a much-needed 30% increase to accuracy. Add armor that increases your physical attack even more and you can create an absolute beast of a damage dealer with this job combo. By swapping places and putting Berserker as your main job, you can actually use Monk skills without worrying about the HP cost.

Freelancer and Red Mage

This Bravely Default 2 job combo is a fun one. If you have read our top tips guide, you probably already know that the Freelancer job has busted stats. Maxing out that bad boy is an absolute must in this game because of that fact. Even more so because when combined with Red Mage, it can deal damage that is absolutely nutter butters. The Red Mage’s Chainspell speciality allows the caster to use spells twice at no extra cost. Combining that with the Freelancer’s monster stats and you’ve got a recipe for mayhem. Add on top a powerful magic weapon such as the Crescent Cane and your damage potential will shoot through the roof.

Phantom and Salve Maker

The Phantom’s Results Guaranteed speciality can be pretty deadly when combined with the Salve Maker job in Bravely Default 2. By spending a mere 40 MP, you can effectively apply with 100% guarantee any status ailment available to you. Since the Salve Maker is a master of status afflictions, this means you’ll be debuffing even the biggest of bosses on a continuous basis. On top of that, the Phantom’s Milk Poison and Sick Twist do higher amounts of damage on enemies with poison and contagion respectively. Overall, this is a pretty sinister job combo that’s well worth taking for spin.

Shieldmaster and Vanguard

If you thought that tanks can’t be fun, then this Bravely Default 2 job combo will set you straight. For starters, Shieldmaster can be an absolute wall that keeps the rest of the part safe while generating BP and MP. Second, the Vanguard has The Gift of Courage which allows you to transfer BP to any party member you want. By stacking dual shields and tons of defense and using Defender of the People, not only will you be negating damage effortlessly for your whole party, but also you’ll be jacking them up with BP. This requires that you max out Shieldmaster to take full advantage of the job’s capabilities but it’s well worth the grind.

White Mage and Spiritmaster

Hands down, the most ridiculously overpowered healer job combo in Bravely Default 2 is the White Mage with Spiritmaster as the sub job. The big thing this pairing allows you to do is laugh in the face of death as you cast Reraise on all of your party in one go. On top of that, you have Regeneration for keeping everyone topped up and Devotion for ensuring everyone still has juice. Combining this job combo with the Shieldmaster/Vanguard combo and your party will be an unstoppable force. At the later stages of the game, you might want to consider putting Spiritmaster as your main job to fully take advantage of their superior buffs and heals.