Reader beware, SPOILERS abound!

Poison Control is an action RPG that provides several systems at your disposal. While not a particularly hard game, there are ways to make the experience smoother. Whether you’re trying to improve your effectiveness in combat or what to make sure you’re making the most out of your skills, we’ve got the best Poison Control tips to help you out. 

Cleanse The Poison Mires

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Ridding the Belles’ Hells of all the poison of despair is in the name of the game but it’s easy to neglect or ignore doing it beyond what you’re required for each mission. Cleansing poison mires has a lot of functions. For one, you can restore some of your health both in and out of combat. They’re also great for farming currency that will allow you to upgrade your weapons. A lot of poison mires also hide a few goodies, such as Deliriant ammo, HP items, and chests. 

Use Poisonette in Combat

It’s easy to rely on your Shoot Mode to take down Kleshas. However, the game has one more attack you can use and that is Poisonette’s cleanse. In fact, the game encourages you to use her to finish off enemies because of the way ammo replenishment works. The best way to take out enemies efficiently while letting your ammo magazine last longer is to first lure them into poison. Then, shoot them until they’re knocked down and immediately switch to Purge Mode. By circling around where your knocked-down foes are and returning to your body, you can deal damage while also purging the poison they’re standing on. Be warned that enemies can only take damage this way if you’re purging poison; it won’t work if they’re not standing in it. 

Upgrade Your Toxicant

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Poisonette’s Toxicant is your main attack and the only one that replenishes automatically or via Purging. It’s also the one weapon you should be using unless facing down tougher enemies (more on this below). Suffice to say that you’ll want to upgrade your Toxicant as much as possible. Not only will your attack get a damage boost, but also it’ll have a larger magazine size. By upgrading it, you’ll be able to deal with the larger and more resilient groups of Kleshas that appear from the second circle onwards. 

Save Deliriants for Tougher Enemies

Your Deliriants are your alternate weapons for your Shoot Mode. The problem with these is that they rely on ammo pickups to replenish them. The advantage, however, is that you can stockpile their ammo as you go along so you can save them for tougher enemies such as elite Kleshas and bosses. If you’re upgrading your Toxicant regularly and using Poisonette’s purge to finish off enemies, you shouldn’t be running into too much trouble. So, save your Deliriants for the nastier enemies.

Use Soulshock for Crowds

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Your Soulshock ability is quite strong, even if used against a single enemy. This, however, doesn’t maximize its use considering it takes a while to recharge it. As an area of effect attack, your best bet is to save it for dealing with large crowds of Kleshas. One particular enemy type, the Klesha dog, is very hard to deal with when in large numbers. By saving your Soulshock for these types of enemy groups, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and save your Deliriant in the process.

Leave No Mire Unturned

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We mentioned earlier that cleansing the Mires of the Belles’ Hells can yield you a lot of goodies. Among these goodies are gems of which each mission will have 3 hidden away in yellow chests. They can often be found after cleansing poison located around corners and other seemingly dead ends. Don’t ignore hunting for these gems as they’ll give you access to more weapons for your loadout. One problem to keep in mind is that cleansing is also how you complete missions and the game won’t give you time to explore once you reach the required cleanse percentage. It’s important to give yourself plenty of space to clean up mires that you suspect may contain gems.

Level Up Your Empathy

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Leveling up your Empathy should be one of your top priorities in Poison Control. As you increase it, you’ll be given skills that improve the amount you heal when you cleanse poison mires. This is important because Poison Control doesn’t have any potions you can use and the HP items drop randomly. Increasing the potency of the heal you get from Poisonette’s purge is an invaluable skill that’ll keep you alive longer.

And that’s going to do it for our top 7 Poison Control tips. Be sure to also read up on our thoughts about the game. Happy cleansing!