The Request system in Persona 5 Strikers allows you to complete side-missions both inside the Metaverse and in the real world. The issue with the latter is that they can be missed if you don’t complete them. The game allows you to re-enter any Jail. However, you can’t return to real-world locations. This means real world Requests must be done before you move onto the next location in the story. The game, fortunately, doesn’t push you forward too aggressively so you can always complete them right before you depart.

The benefit of completing these activities is that you’ll get small nuggets that feel like the Confidant system in Persona 5. You’ll also get some BOND points as well as a few recipes and other items.

Sendai Sweets – Ann/Panther

We all know Ann is quite the sweet tooth and that hasn’t changed much in Persona 5 Strikers. This is the first real world Request you’ll receive and it’s quite hard to miss. You’ll start by talking to Ann who’s on the hunt for some of Sendai’s unique sweets. In the first part of the questline, Sendai Sweets, you’ll need to go around the various shops to purchase the ones she wants. They’re all in the shops nearby so it’s pretty quick. After that, you’ll receive a follow-up Request titled Lending a Paw. This will require you to grab a rare sweet for Ann as a surprise. You’ll need to talk to the people around Mt. Aoba near the shrine. After that, you’ll need to hit up the Fussy Manager before traveling to Sendai Station to speak to a person who’s grumbling. Finally, you’ll return to the Fussy Manager once more and gain the ability to purchase the Zunda Supreme for Ann. Remember to report it in the Request to complete it.

Love Soupreme – Ryuji/Skull

Ryuji is a sucker for good ramen so of course he’ll want the rarest, most legendary bowl in all of Sapporo. After receiving a text from our favorite blonde Phantom Thief, you’ll need to speak to a man in front of the pharmacy with the red sign. After that, Sophia will set up a follow-up Request for you to complete. In this one, you’ll need to use her in the Jail to defeat 10 Mothman shadows. Finally, you’ll need to return to the pharmacy which will then give you the ability to purchase Meal Tickets. Be sure to buy both of them and report it in the Request to complete it.

Beachside Blast – Makoto/Queen

Makoto has always been a bit too cautious about cutting loose. After completing the initial investigation in Okinawa, she’ll ask you to help her prepare to smash a watermelon in half. In order to complete this, you’ll need to use her as your main party member to defeat 10 Jack Frost Shadows in the Sapporo Jail (Suzushino and Odori Park locations). After that, you’ll need to buy a Whole Watermelon from one of the shops located at the Beach. Once that’s done, report it in the Request and you’ll be done.

Okinawan Art Appreciation – Yusuke/Fox

Our favorite art connoisseur, Yusuke, will text you about Okinawan art and set up a Request for you to head into the Okinawa Jail. With Fox as your main party member, head to the northmost checkpoint and make your way north then left. At the glass, ambush the Shadow inside for a quick All-Out-Attack to take out the 10 requisite Shiisha Shadows. Remember to report the Request to complete it.

Cooking Papa – Zenkichi

Zenkichi wants to be a better dad and the gang has a brilliant idea. They want to teach him how to cook for his daughter. For this, you’ll start with a text from the man himself and the Request will open up after you speak with him. After that, you’ll need to find Haru in Dotonbori: Shopping St. and Futaba in Shinsenkai: Tower. Grab their Requests and complete them in order. All you need to do is pick up the ingredients from Sophia’s shop, get the Recipe from completing Haru’s Request and then cook the two foods to finish the questline off. Remember to report in the Request to complete it.