Like in its predecessors, Persona 5 Strikers has obtainable weapons that the Phantom Thieves can equip to make themselves more powerful. The key difference from Persona 5 is the absence of Iwai’s airsoft shop which has been replaced by Sophia’s online storefront. Another change is the removal of guns. While the lovable AI does stock a decent set of gear, it’s through P5 Strikers’ Request system that you can obtain the best weapons in the game.

Our guide for unlocking the best weapons in Persona 5 Strikers covers information on obtaining gear in the base game.

Spoiler Warning

This weapons unlock guide contains minor spoilers for Persona 5 Strikers. If you don’t want to want to find out about Jail names, real-world locations, bosses, and characters then you might want to skip this guide until you’re close to the end of the game.

What Are Requests?

Requests are Persona 5 Strikers’ side mission system. It’s easy to overlook this system as the main story provides you with enough resources to progress at a brisk pace. What’s not immediately apparent is that some of these Requests need to be repeated a few times before you can get to the versions that will give you the best weapons in the game.

Why Obtain the Best Weapons?

You might be wondering why go through the trouble of picking up the most powerful weapons in P5 Strikers. The answer is simple: once you clear the game, you get the option of playing in New Game+. With the strongest weapons from the base game, you’ll be able to take on NG+ as well as the tough-as-nails Risky difficulty setting.

How to Get the Best Weapons in Persona 5 Strikers

A lot of the best weapons in Persona 5 Strikers are obtained through special Requests issued by Lavenza once you clear the game. These bonus side missions will pit you against powerful versions of the game’s bosses which will eventually unlock the weapons as well as the Reaper encounter.


Joker’s best weapon is called P.L. Replica. It’s got 300 attack and reduces the amount of damage received from Curse attacks. In order to obtain it, you’ll need to complete the Request titled Knocking on Death’s Door in the Okinawa Jail. Be careful because this Request involves battling the Reaper so make sure you’re sufficiently geared up.


Skull can wield the mighty Mjolnir Replica. With 302 attack and a boost to Electricity damage, it packs quite a wallop. You can get it by facing off against Akira Konoe in Lavenza’s Painful Past+: Akira Konoe Request.


Everyone’s favorite not-really-a-cat can obtain the C.S. Replica. Its attack may be lower at 296 but the added 30 SP points can make him a powerful Persona user. To grab it, you’ll need to complete the Request called Halt the Strutting Little Imp in the Shibuya Jail where you’ll need to defeat a powerful shadow called Black Frost.


Panther can whip some butt with the Abyss Whip Replica. It has the lowest attack value of all best weapons in Persona 5 Strikers at 290. The +30 to SP, though, more than makes up for it. You can obtain it through Lavenza’s Painful Past+: Alice Hiiragi Request in the Shibuya Jail.


Fox can slice and dice foes with the Thin Edge Replica. It boasts a hefty 304 attack and has a moderate chance of inflicting the Fear status effect on its targets. You’ll need to have a tough rematch against the Prince of Nightmares through Lavenza’s Request Painful Past+: Ango Natsume in order to obtain it.


Power up Queen’s Fist of Justice with the Vajra Replica. It’s got 300 attack and has a moderate chance of inflicting the Dizzy effect on its targets. In order to make it yours, you’ll need to fight Metatron in the Tree of Life and Wisdom via the Request called Angel of Contracts Descends.


Equip Noir with the mighty F.M. Replica. At 308 attack, it’s the strongest weapon in the base game. On top of that, it adds +5 to her Magic stat. Take down Mariko Hyodo through Lavenza’s Painful Past+: Mariko Hyodo Request to make it yours.


Sophie can get a boost to her Bless damage with the Forbidden Fruit. On top of that, she gains 292 attack. To obtain this weapon, you’ll need to fight Demiurge in Lavenza’s Painful Past+: Demiurge Request.


The PubSec cop, codenamed Wolf, can obtain the mighty Gram and receive a whopping 306 attack and +5 to his endurance. To get this weapon, you’ll need to complete a Request called The Writhing Nightmare Rising where you’ll need to defeat Mara in the Okinawa Jail.